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What is an X-Frame Banner?

A printed X-Frame Banner is a great alternative to pull-up banners – they’re cheaper, easier to carry, and you can very easily reuse the frame for multiple banners.  The banner consists of a printed vinyl banner that hangs on a frame, and can be taken on and off very easily for quick setup and take-down.  They’re a little smaller in size than traditional pull-up banners, but they’re definitely more than worth their weight in gold.

Do you always have to buy the frame and the printed banner together?

No, absolutely not!  If you already have a frame and just need the banner itself, then all you need to do is order a vinyl banner in the right size, with grommets.

Be sure to see the “Printing X-Frame Banners 101” below for more details.

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Printing X-Frame Banners 101

What are the features of an X-Frame Banner?

Here’s all the specs associated with our x-frame banners:

  • When you order the frame and the banner at the same time, the banner is printed on a 13oz Matte Vinyl Banner.
  • On subsequent orders, you can choose to order a matte (our favourite) or glossy vinyl banner.
  • They’re printed full colour, on one side, using a CMYK colour palette.
  • The finished size is 23.6″ x 63″.

What are my options for printing an X-Frame Banner?

There’s a couple of things you need to decide on when choosing an X-Frame Banner:

  • How many you need, obviously.
  • Do you need both the frame and the banner, or just the banner itself?  If you need both, then you’re on the right page, if you just need the banner without the frame, please go to our vinyl banner page to order.

What is the turn around time for producing an X-Frame Banner?

Our standard turn around time is approximately 5 business days.  Deadline for art submission is noon, so if your art is finalized in the afternoon then the production timeline starts running on the following business day.

Are there setup fees involved with printing?

Well, there’s two answers to that question, so it’s a “no” and a “yes – depending”.  If you’ve got vector-based artwork, complete with full print bleeds, then we’ll be happy to take your artwork and run with it.  If you need us to set the artwork up for you, then it depends on the length of time, and number of iterations it takes to finalize your art.  Generally speaking, we don’t charge for setups if we can build your art in a reasonable amount of time, and if you only need 1 round of edits to make some minor adjustments.  If we think that setting up your artwork is going to take a longer period of time, or if you decide you would like multiple design options to choose from, or multiple edits to a single design, then we will discuss any potential artwork charges ahead of time with you, before proceeding.  We will never charge you any art charges, if we haven’t discussed it upfront, first, with you.

Can you provide guidelines for creating artwork, and how do we send it to you for production?

If you’d like to build your own artwork using a suitable software program, or if you’ve got someone who’s building your artwork for you, we can provide you with a template that can be used inside your software.  Once your artwork is ready, please email it to us to our email address at the top of the website.  If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

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