Check out our Cheques! All of our cheques are printed on Defensa Design SG security paper, and are fully compatible with your accounting software program.

Cheque Features

  • 2-Bar pattern with bleachable ink
  • Bleach and oxidizer reactivity brown stain
  • Invisible embedded fiber fluorescent yellow
  • Microprinting
  • MICR encoding
  • Non-polar class solvent (approximately 35 solvents) – blue/black stain, red burst
  • Polar solvent (approximately 30 solvents) reactivity – blue stain, red burst
  • Printloc option – true security level toner anchorage for laser printing
  • True fourdriner paper machine watermark – optically dull
  • Warning bands

Types of Cheques

  • Continuous Form Feed
  • Manual
  • Laser

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